Sight Unseen: A Quiet Place

As of writing, A Quiet Place holds a 100% Fresh Rating on Rottentomatoes with 26 reviews so far, certainly a positive sign of things to come as far as critics consensus on the film goes.

2017 was the year of Get Out, a film that expanded on the horror genre to include biting social commentary. Director and star of A Quiet Place John Krasinski has mentioned that he’s added a definite amount social commentary into the film, with Get Out being one of the inspirations for the film. 

Critics seem to agree that it’s a thrilling film with a warm heart at its core, and one that needs to be experienced in cinemas. If audiences agree with them, I think A Quiet Place could definitely be 2018’s Get Out.

As we know, Get Out was a major Oscar contender in 2017, and while it’s too early to call (also because I haven’t actually seen the film), I wonder if it may gain heat in categories such as Best Actress/Supporting Actress for Emily Blunt, who over the years has come close to a nod in films like The Girl on the Train and The Devil Wears Prada, and from the trailers, definitely seems to give a powerful performance. If it hits the right notes, it could well be a contender for its screenplay too, which offers a rather unique plot involving a deaf family. 

I ultimately hope to be thrilled by this movie when I see it in cinemas, and I do foresee myself being scared out of my pants. I also hope the social commentary is naturally imbued into the film and can be gleaned clearly through deeper analysis; analyzing the finer details of Get Out was one of the most revelatory follow-up experiences I’ve had with a film! 

Prediction: 8.5/10

Top Ten Actors/Actresses of the Year!!

Hey guys!

2014 has come to an end, and before I post my final list of my 10 fav. films of the year, I decided I first reveal my picks for the Top 10 Actors/Actresses of the year! What does that mean exactly? Well, 2014 has been a really interesting year, and so many new/lesser known actors/actresses have risen to fame with their performances or otherwise, plus so many of my favourite actors/actresses have starred in successful movies. So, I decided to rank the top 10 actors/actresses of the year whom I felt were most successful based on (but of course not stringently) these criterion: box office successperformances + range of performances, and not using their stardom for negativity.

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