5 Favourite Trailers of 2018

Part 2 of sorts of my favourite in film of 2018… my 5 favourite trailers! My favourite trailers are the ones that affect me and immediately drive a keen level of anticipation in me for the film. To me, the best trailers are as absorbing as a good film, with a conscious use of music, visuals and dialogue to foster the feel of the film. Keep in mind that this list contains trailers of films that came out in 2018. Thus, phenomenal trailer such as the Dumbo trailer, which came out in 2018 but is for a film showing in 2019, will not be included. Without further ado…

5. Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald Final Trailer

Admittedly, I’d been pretty hyped for this film, even without the need for a trailer, as I’d enjoyed the first film a lot. Still, I thought the final trailer in particular was really good for its fast-paced and epic score, a visual focus on the beasts found throughout the film, as well as a number of tantalising reveals, such as Nagini. Needless to say, despite how much I enjoyed the trailer, the film was a disappointment.

4. Wildlife Trailer #2

A short, 1 minute trailer, but highly effective to me. The score builds from a reflection of the bucolic setting we see onscreen, to reflecting an ominous mood, to match the various scenes we’re showed. I think tension here is built amazingly, especially with Carey Mulligan’s superb acting on display. The dialogue given to us, building towards a fragile “I don’t know”, followed by a stunning, almost still-shot of the two main characters sat side by side, unmoving, set this up perfectly as an intense family drama. Loved it.

3. Black Panther Official Trailer

I tend not to feel particularly inspired by Marvel trailers, but this one gave me chills. The steady beat of the music is complemented by visually intense action scenes, and really set this up for me as an intense action film. Not to mention, the chill-inducing and now ubiquitous “Wakanda Forever” towards the end.

2. Tully Teaser Trailer

This teaser was near perfect, and immediately put Tully on my must-watch list. (Side note: I ended up really enjoying the film! Especially that twist) I thought the trailer perfectly set up the grounded feel of the film, with immediately realistic depictions of “motherhood in 2018”, as it details the film to be about. This, complemented by the catchy, light-hearted piano music, along with the air of mystery with the reveal at the end of the titular Tully made for one of my favourite trailers of the year.

1. If Beale Street Could Talk Trailer #1

This one brought the waterworks. Everything about it was perfect; the music, the dialogue, the visuals; everything worked to create such a powerful and emotional tone and mood that really set up how affecting the film would be. Needless to say, I had to watch Beale Street after seeing this trailer.


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