“The Wife” and Glenn Close’s overdue Oscar

Pretty late on this post, since the trailer for “The Wife” came out awhile back, but from the trailer alone, Glenn Close looks like a strong bet to be nominated in the upcoming Oscars for her performance. 

Playing the “kingmaker” wife of a professor of literature who wins a Nobel Prize, (I’d assume she actually wrote the novel that paved the way to her husband winning the prize), this certainly looks to be a complex role for the living actress who has garnered the most number of Oscar nominations without ever winning one. 

It seems to be somewhat in the vein of Charlotte Rampling’s slow-searing and deep reaching performance in 45 Years, though certainly appears to contain its fair share of explosive scenes that could be points of catharsis within the film and be ‘the scene’ that voters would latch onto as a testament to her performance as a whole.

I think a lot will come down to the quality of the film as a whole, but I can certainly see her running away with it the way Frances McDormand did with last year, who gave a performance which was in equal parts explosive and controlled but show-stopping throughout. Not to mention the overdue factor for Glenn Close. 

It does seem like the Academy has a tendency to award the top actress prize to Hollywood’s favourite new star, as was the case with Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone. This year, it could well be Saoirse Ronan for Mary Queen of Scots, who has been nominated twice in the last three years, and came out both times as the presumed runner-up. As I clearly haven’t seen either of these films, only time can tell. 

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