Sight Unseen: Ready Player One

There are some reviews of Ready Player One out already, and my general sensing is that this seems to be a pretty good movie overall, but I’ll go through some of my thoughts on the film anyway before I see it.

When a film is directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, I know I’m not alone in saying that expectations are bound to be heightened. Based on the trailers that have been released, I think the director’s keen attention to detail comes out very clearly, with crisp and detailed-looking environments and clean-looking action sequences. I think it has an interesting premise to boot; it’s one you’d expect of a video game (hence the name), with a literal (?) easter egg hunt at its core that would grant the winner all the riches in the world and control over the virtual world in the film.

The widely publicised, but also somewhat criticised 80s inspired posters definitely tell me that this film is bound to be chock-full with references from the 80s, which makes me wonder whether they’d be a hindrance to 90s kids like me, let alone millennials. It also makes me wonder if non video game fans will be left even more in the dark, and whether these references would actually cause confusion for people like me rather than excitement and I suppose nostalgia.

Still, the visuals look incredible, and I think the filmmakers would be discerning enough to make this accessible to everyone (even though some will clearly be more thrilled than others re: 80s references) I do think the plot seems somewhat predictable at this point, and not just because it’s based on a book; protagonist fights his way through various trials in the virtual world, teamed up with others against some corporation that is after the same easter egg. He wins, and all becomes good. I don’t think this necessarily means the film will be uninteresting, though it’d be on the filmmakers to really dazzle us with hopefully innovative visual work.

Prediction: 7.5/10


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