Sight Unseen: Tomb Raider

The original Tomb Raider series starring Angelina Jolie was hardly a critics darling, but was a hit with moviegoers with its almost overtly sexualized lead and nice action sequences.

Now, in 2018, with #TimesUp in full swing, I think we can expect a Lara Croft whose key attributes will be her individual strength and prowess beyond her sex appeal.

 From the trailers, it is certainly apparent that Alicia Vikander is giving her all for this film – that much we’ll have at least. On top of the 10-12 pounds of muscle she’s put on for the role, the level of commitment she has to the film is visible from the trailer. She’s expressive and energetic, and should rightfully be the anchor point of the film.

Unfortunately, that may be the only plus point of the film, everything else feels somewhat underwhelming and uninteresting.

The plot feels somewhat predictable already, and the action scenes look nice but not particularly engaging or innovative. 

The villain, played by Walter Goggins, seems like your typical blow-up-the-world sort villain, who is simply evil incarnate. Unless I’m wrong here, and the movie surprises me.

In summation, I feel that Alicia Vikander will be the standout of an otherwise stale film. 

Prediction: 5/10 With a clunky plot and direction, this film is buoyed only by an emphatic performance by its lead.

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