Movie trailers!

It’s that time of the year where summer is just around the corner, and we’re gifted with a bombardment of trailers for competing heavyweights to show what they have to offer. 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has chanced upon the new MUMMY trailer which was released a while back, which I’ll say has certainly captured my interest, largely due to the presentation of the titular character. The mummy herself is a strong, ambitious female villain who looks to have a substantially human element at play. I personally find that Sofia Boutella, the actress who plays the Mummy is set to be a scene-stealer and captivating drawing point for the film. I’m sure most of you were first introduced to her through the unexpected hit Kingsman: The Secret Service a couple of years back, and what captivated me about her role in that movie was how much she achieved onscreen – how much badassery she oozed – with so few spoken lines, instead her facial expressions told her characters story. I’m expecting to see something similar play out here, and can’t wait! Of course, being a Tom Cruise vehicle, this will come with his obligatory, fancy stunts and dramatic shouting/screaming.

Another trailer is one Disney is sure to be using its financial muscle to ensure every eye, willing or not, is laid onto: PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 5. I’ll admit, I’ve missed this series, the more I think about it. The likeable and iconic Jack Sparrow features heavily in the trailers that have come out in the past weeks, and his hilarious quirks and one-liners seem to be in full swing – “I once knew a Spanish guy named… something in Spanish” – and the visuals look nothing short of polished, detailed and amazing, vividly showcasing Disney’s deep pockets.

A particular movie that appears to have been somewhat under the radar, and that I hadn’t heard much of preceding the release of the trailer that has grabbed my attention is VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS. What a mouthful of a name, am I right? I was first drawn in by its visual spectacle, the touch of familiarity that lingered in every frame, that brought to the edge of my mind Star Wars, The Fifth Element and just about every high-budgeted science fiction movie in the past decade. I did a little research, and was amazed to find out that the original content this movie was based on appears to be the father of all science fiction that we know today – Star Wars apparently drew its inspiration from the original comics. The realization mid-trailer that Luc Besson fronted this project further intrigued me – having watched a number of his films, I’ve always found his style to be interesting and different, but always explosive. Here’s one more movie ticket for me to buy I guess. 

– Crystal

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