Seventh Son Movie Review

Hey guys!

The movie Seventh Son only comes out in February in the US, but where I come from it’s already been released for a while, and I decided to watch it at the cinema over the weekends despite the telltale signs of it being a potential “bomb”; eg. the delays and negative reviews already surfacing.

However, I honestly thought that it was ok as a film, despite it being clearly lacking in many departments. 

In terms of plot and characterisation it definitely falls short, being rather chunky and growing kind of chaotic especially towards the end (not in a good way) and since those are two of the key points of a film, I guess I understand the reason why critics are being negative about it.

However, I actually thought that the action and visuals of the film were rather good, with some rather original and certainly entertaining (even if not always impressive) action scenes. Personally, I actually really enjoyed some of them haha. The visuals were good, the special effects being rather okay even though not photographic (you can tell this from the trailers).

In terms of acting, I felt that the supporting actors and actresses were more interesting than the main character (sorry, Ben Barnes), though maybe that’s because they include Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore. Jeff Bridge’s character honestly seemed a lot like Gandalf haha, though probably more like a brusque and rough version of him. I actually really liked Julianne’s portrayal of Mother Malcolm, though the weak plot and characterisation made her performance less effective.

As for the lead character, well… I just think that he’s riddled with way too many cliches; almost every line he said came across as one, and the underdeveloped and rather superficial romantic element of the story doesn’t help. Nothing against Ben Barnes though, haha.

Next, kind of an unrelated point, but SPOILERS:

The character played by Kit Harrington, Gregory’s former apprentice, dies so early in the film! Though that was kind of expected since it kind of shows in the trailer.

Overall, I thought it was a rather entertaining film with strong fantasy elements and good visuals… and honestly could have been compared to Lord of the Rings if not for the weak plot and characterisation.

Overall rating: 5.1/10

Please comment/share/follow and all that 😀 Will you be watching Seventh Son when it hits theatres?

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