What I have to say about “The Interview”

Hey guys!

If you’ve been following the controversy in the previous few days, you’d probably know by now that Sony has cancelled their wide release for The Interview, and instead, they have released it through online platforms such as Google, Youtube and of course their own Home Entertainment branch.

What do I think about all this? Honestly, I think: good for them. While I’m not exactly an extreme advocate of the First Amendment, I do believe that human rights such as freedom of speech are crucial to uphold, in whatever media or platform. In fact, I think it should be upheld even more stringently in the entertainment industry, because as far as I see it, no government or political body should have any significant hold on these products. You can phrase it one way or another, but filmmakers, songwriters, actors… everyone in the entertainment industry, I believe, at their very base, are artists.

Sure, a politician attacking another is commonplace, and is all part of the field of politics, but politicians attacking artists to get their way, to stamp out the freedom of expression? That is a sadistic perversion of human rights. 

I don’t really mean to rant or anything, but I just thought I had to get that out. Based on the storm of reviews that have been hitting the internet, it actually seems like a pretty funny movie, and I had actually been planning to watch it in cinemas. Additionally, I quite enjoyed Seth Rogen and James Franco’s more recent movies, such as Neighbours and last year’s This is the End. Due to all the terrorist threats and fear-mongering, I’m now unable to, but you can be sure that I’ll be paying for my digital download even though free copies seem to have spread online. $5.99 is an insignificant price to pay for freedom.

You can be sure I’ll have a review on here soon.



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