Movie Update [October – Mid-ish November]

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something here, and in the time since the last post, I’ve watched a few movies that I am really excited to share about :D. I watched three new movies in this period:

The Book of Life, Love,Rosie and Interstellar.

As you guys would know if you read one of my posts from earlier this year, these three movies were all on my top ten most anticipated movies (list) for this year :O And I guess… I was mostly satisfied with the outcome.

First, let’s start with Book of Life.

If you don’t know, it’s an animated film by the awesome Guillermo Del Toro, and is set in a really mexican/medieval setting, with fun elements of supernatural and fantasy added, namely places such as The Land of the Remembered, The Land of the Forgotten and all those crazy spirits and entities we see throughout the movie.

First off, I want to say that this movie was just so much fun throughout. The constantly vibrant and colourful visuals really add to the experience, and the somewhat unique animation style added a slightly more “fantastical” element for me. The “action” scenes in particular benefitted most from these awesome visuals IMO, notably those seen as the protagonist makes his way towards The Land of the Dead. (The “Maze of Death”, that giant sword dude etc)

Plot and character-wise, it wasn’t exactly powerful/significant for me; there was nothing really thought-provoking about it, though the concept/lore in itself was enough for me. The script flows along really fluently though, it kept me laughing and entertained throughout, and every single song (I didn’t realise this was a musical type movie) added thoughtful meaning to the story, and for me, they really helped in the character development department.

Overall, the highlights of the film were firstly, the visuals; which are just so vibrant and colourful that it would probably light up your day at least for the duration of the movie; not to mention the beautiful (IMO) scenery/view of the Land of the Remembered, which honestly seems like such a perfect place to retire to after life. Oh and I just love La Muerte and Xibalba haha.

The comical script/catchy songs also definitely added to the film, ensuring I was never bored throughout.

Lowlights: Character development + plot? TBH it’s not that it faltered badly in those departments, it just didn’t impress.

Final rating: 8.8/10

OK, next, Love, Rosie

As you might recall, this was the chick-flick/rom-com pick of the year I was looking forward to, as it’s based on one of my favourite books of all time: Where Rainbows End by Cecilia Ahern.

Overall, I guess I have mixed reactions to the film, based on several factors.

First, in terms of plot. It definitely seemed lacking to quite some extent; while I know it’s unfair to compare it to the content in the book, due to simply the sheer amount of content, which would probably encompass a 4 hour long movie; it definitely seemed to skim over too many important plot points and developments. Sure, some of the major plot points were there (the kiss at the start, Rosie getting pregnant etc), though it was altered quite a lot even then. I think they still did a decent job of forming a satisfactory storyline, though that might be me being biased.

Next, characterisation. For the average moviegoer who hasn’t read the book, they would probably give this section an immediate fail, since I can tell that this department was severely lacking. For me though, I didn’t exactly experience that since I was basing them off the characters who already existed in my mind from my reading of the book, so…while I do have to deduct some points in this aspect, I have a feeling that the amount of points I deduct aren’t exactly my most critical gauge. On a personal note, there were so little scenes with Ruby. She was definitely, hands-down my favourite supporting character in the book, with all her sass and snide remarks and dancing competitions and useless husband etc. In the movie, she has very little significant plot-wise TBH, pretty much just playing the supportive best friend, not having much development, though I was satisfied with the way her character was portrayed at least.

The acting/visuals were good, above-average ish? I was able to emotionally connect with Rosies’ character on many occasions and actually cried quite a lot in certain parts (usually when she’s crying too), so at least on the base level, it was an emotionally fulfilling experience for me :).

Overall, I definitely liked it, if not for certain factors such as plot development/characterisation that kind of disappointed. As an adaptation though, I think it succeeded, at least to my expectations.

Final rating: 6.4/10

Finally, the latest movie I watched (in mind-blowing IMAX): Interstellar.

Ok TBH, I’m not sure if I loved this film or was just weirded out by it. I mean, it was my most anticipated film of the year, so my expectations were definitely high, and while in certain aspects they were met, in others it seemed a little dubious.

Firstly, the easiest areas to cover: visuals and acting. Both were impeccable and stunning and awesome and Oscar-worthy, and definitely met my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised by how emotionally powerful Jessica Chastains’ performance was; I thought her role was really minor lol. (Oscar for Best Supporting Actress? :O)

Then, when we move into plot, that’s when things get a bit muddy.

I’ve always loved the intricate and thought-provoking nature of Christopher Nolan’s storylines (for his movies, of course). For eg, The Dark Knight trilogy and Inception are both to me some of the strongest films in terms of plot structure and development. (IMO, Inception especially) But as for Interstellar… the resolution (or third act? is that what it’s called?) was kind of questionable; basically the part where Cooper enters this five-dimensional place. I mean, it’s not really about the scientific accuracy to me, it’s more about how… random it seemed; like how would he suddenly enter a place that was somehow tied directly to this tiny place on Earth o.0. While Inception was clearly science-fiction, it was extremely believable to me, but somehow, the resolution for Interstellar felt really questionable to me :/. IDK about you… leave a comment below or something.

Another small point, it was less “take-your-breath-away” kind of impressive and intense than I had hoped; maybe I kind of expected it to be like Gravity? Because while there were certainly some intense and impressive sequences, overall it felt a little slow and draggy at points. (sorry)

Overall though, I was a really great movie experience (and a really long one too), and it definitely met/surpassed my expectations in certain aspects, though falling a little short in some.

Final rating: 8.5/10

And that’s it!

I will definitely be updating my Top Ten Favourite Films of the Year list soon, though I want to wait for Mockingjay: Part 1, which comes out in a week. I CAN’T WAIT OMG. + Big Hero 6 is out (I think), and I’ve heard really good things about it, so I’m definitely excited to catch that one too :D.

Until then, thanks to all of you who have been viewing/following this little blog :D. It’s honestly a great feeling when you’re sharing about something you love and have people view and read your opinions 🙂

Please comment/follow/share!


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