Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer (Discussion/Thoughts)

Hey guys!

So unless you haven’t been on the internet for the past week or so, you’d probably know that the first Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer came out awhile back; apparently it was meant to be attached to a certain Agents of Shield episode (which I watch), but it was leaked so we got it early (thanks lol). And omg it’s pretty amazing. Currently on Youtube, it’s at about 43 million views (and climbing by the second), and I remember when it first came out, 301 views changed instantly to millions within a day lol.

But anyway, I’ll just give a quick breakdown of the trailer and stuff… plus some views on it. I further discuss it below, with some “research” I did to help. This was the “commentary-esque” kind of thing I wrote down the first second time I watched it.


0.07 – 0.10: that scenery looks expensive already

0.16: this reminds me of civil war for some reason :O

0.22 ooo Capt.

0.25 Finally some Hawkeye

0.26 THOR

0.30 Creepy Banner

0.32 …. Ultron?

0.40 omg

0.48 where is that it looks beautiful

0.53-0.57 chills

0.59 Black Widow?


1.04 QuickSilver and Scarlet Witch… traitors? :O Is this some Zoe Saldana situation like in GOTG again? Aaron and Elizabeth look awesome tho.

1.06-1.07 holy shit

1.08 what does he see lol

1.09 what was that

1.18-1.19 chillsss

1.20 – 1.24 omg this scene. I heard that apparently it took 2 years to fully create :O. (Hulk vs Iron Man) And it’s a large part to do with the whole “civil war” storyline apparently.

1.26 Some “SHIELD” action

1.28 – 1.30 Their powers look so cool :D. TBH I think what I’m looking forward most to in this Avengers is Scarlet Witch/QuickSilver. Also because I love both Aaron and Elizabeth.

1.33 ..Andy Serkis?

1.35 Hulk/Black Widow?

1.36 Ballet?


1.41 – 1.45 2 years in the making

1.46 – 1.47 lol they always show Scarlet/QuickSilver back2back

1.49 omg



OK, so as you can infer from that incoherent rambling, there are so many questions to be asked about this upcoming film, and this trailer has just thrown even more questions at our faces. I did do a little bit of research, and found out some stuff out:

Firstly: Andy Serkis. So rumour has it that Andy Serkis is actually playing the Marvel comic book villain Ulysses Klaw, a villain  which is apparently kind of discernible from that one shot in the trailer where we see him. (at 1.33) Here is the shot:


The evidence I found is as follow:

” …First of all, with his unique chin-strap beard and odd haircut, he looks like the spitting image of his comic book counterpart. And then there’s the fact that Serkis’ character appears to be on a freighter with “Zanzibar” written on its side, which isn’t far from Black Panther’s fictional African nation of Wakanda.”

(credit: http://screencrush.com/avengers-2-andy-serkis-ulysses-klaw/)

Does that mean we might have a Black Panther movie sooner than we think? :O Those people at Marvel sure love toying with us.


First of all, the Hulk vs Iron Man fight scene looks AWESOME already, can’t wait. Plus throughout the trailer, you can definitely see a lot of unrest within the Avengers, including that scene where Thor lifts Tony by his throat, Tony’s line: “It’s the end, the end of the path I started us on.” Plus of course the broken shield… what does that mean?

Though one scene that caught my eye was at 1.35, where Hulk/Black Widow appear to be sharing a Spock/Kirk moment of some sort, and that tells me that The Avengers likely won’t go completely all out against each other in this second instalment (a little like the start of the first one), though… it’s bound to happen soon.

Oh yea, and I’m really hoping that they put more of Hawkeye in this. From this trailer alone, I can’t really tell anything about how big a role he will play in the movie, or if he takes on any epic scenes etc, but since he’s been completely overlooked in pretty much all the Phase 2 movies, I’m hoping they’ll give him a big part here.

Next, Scarlet/QuickSilver. I’ve seen the X-Men version of QuickSilver (played by Evan Peters), and they seem to be completely different people altogether (which is good, I guess). Physically, there are some similarities (Crystal finds Aaron more attractive though), but the “flash” animation (sorry, DC) looks different, plus that scene of 1.04 made me have a darker view of the two of them. (A bit like Zoe in GOTG) We’ve all seen the Captain America end-credits scene, with the two of them, and I remember my heart beating so quickly at the last part, where Scarlet Witch is controlling those little cube things.

I like her look here; it’s quite similar to the one in the comics, and her powers look rather similar as well. I’ve a feeling the highlight for me in this film would be every time her hand glows red with power.

Oh yea, and I kind of have to add the fact that Aaron and Elizabeth played husband/wife in Godzilla early this year, and now they’re playing siblings, lol. Reminds me so much of Shailene/Ansel in Divergent/The Fault in Our Stars.

Anyway, that’s about it from me, and overall, the trailer was, to put it simply, awesome. If you haven’t already watched it, you have to watch it here.

What do you think? You picked out anything else from the trailer?

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