Stuff I’m Up To (pt. 1)

Hey guys!

I’m SO sorry I haven’t posted much, as I said earlier, I’m actually on vacation right now, and have just been spending all my time exploring Seoul… and thus haven’t really had any time at all to post anything.

I did, however, have many hours involving stuff you guys will be interested in: film/TV shows/books. So while the main takeaway for my visit will obviously be all the food and the culture of this city, let me fill you guys in on some of the film/TV/book updates this past week or so.

Firstly, movies.


How to Train Your Dragon 2

The Fault in Our Stars


Bridget Jones’ Diary


How To Train Your Dragon

OK. So as you probably know from some of my previous posts, I wasn’t able to watch HTTYD2 and TFIOS due to my exams, and didn’t really get around to watching them after my exams ended. Well… I’ve finally watched them and my general consensus for both films: Engaging and emotional.

(for this next part, skip to the highlight, tl;dr part for the shorter report)

First, HTTYD2. I loved the first one so much that it felt kind of surreal when I actually started watching the second haha. I don’t follow the animated series/spin-off, but luckily that didn’t compromise any of the plot points. The storyline/plot was really engaging throughout; it might have felt a little generic maybe at some parts, but overall it left me thrilled throughout. The emotional engagement was strong and present. That dance/song scene with Stoic and Valka made me cry so much my eye was sore for the rest of the day :I .On that note, Valka (aka Cate Blanchett) was a really good addition IMO. Her character was just so awesome, especially when she’s in that tribal almost voodoo kind of mode and spirit. I’m actually planning to try and make/get hold of a replica of that staff she has xD (too awesome).

The visuals were amazing of course, the fight between the two Alphas was pretty epic, though that final standoff was nothing short of bone-chilling. I love/respect Toothless so much more now, and I already adore him so much :).

On the other characters, I thought the minor/supporting roles were actually quite memorable, especially since they added most to the humorous element of the film for me. The character Kristen Wiig plays was particularly hilarious (I’ve forgotten her name though >.<), the way she goes “Eret, son of eret!” XD. On the topic of Eret, Kit Harrington plays the very British (or some other linked accent?) and arrogant character who while minor was a fine addition to the cast.

Lastly, that death scene (don’t want to spoil completely in case) actually felt so real/raw, despite the fact that its animated. DK why, but just have to put there in there :/. Guess it’s a factor of how good this film is.

Overall, no bad elements per se, if maybe that point about being slightly generic, but either than that, this will definitely rival The Lego Movie for my top animated pick 🙂

tl;dr/Highlights: Valka (and her epic outfit/armour), Kristen Wiigs’ character, Toothless being Toothless, the Alphas.

Rating: 9.1/10

Next…. TFIOS

Honestly… I cried so much more watching HTTYD2 then when I was watching TFIOS (even though I had heard so many people talking about how they had drowned in rivers of tears coming out of the theatre). I’ll keep this one short…

I thought it stuck really well to the book, and the highlight was obviously the romance/chemistry between Augustus and Hazel. I really liked both their acting, especially Shailenes’ and I thought that they really brought the pain/love of the characters out very well.

It is down-to-earth and emotionally engaging, definitely not like some soppy rom-coms/chick-flicks you may see bomb out at the box office (I’m glad this did really well btw)

So… yea. All in all, it was a really emotional experience throughout, and its realness of their characters/situations really pushed me past the threshold several times to make me cry.

Highlights: I guess the very last part of the movie? Where she’s reading the letter.

Rating: 8.3/10

OK, I think this post shouldn’t stretch too far down the page, so I’ll conclude it here first. Part Two will consist of thoughts on the movies I re-watched, Tv shows I watched + books I read.

Thanks, and please comment/follow/share with your friends 🙂



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