The Giver Film Review

Hey guys!

I recently watched the film The Giver, and actually quite liked it! I realise it has a 30% rating on RottenTomatoes, but personally I definitely found it to be a good film.

I haven’t finished reading the book (it got kinda boring), but apparently, from some review I read, the film doesn’t go deep enough into the source material apparently. I’m guessing that’s one reason why it didn’t perform too well critically? For me, I’ll just be talking about the film as it is. (well it’s not like I can do otherwise.)

Firstly, I thought the concept was explained rather well; it is set in a futuristic society with no pain, war or sadness, but no colour, emotions and feelings either. The main character, Jonas, is appointed the role of Receiver of Memories, being the only person there able to access the memories of the past. Well, him and his mentor, the former Receiver of Memories, The Giver.

I won’t spoil anything plot-wise, though I’ll say that I thought the plot was rather smooth, there aren’t really any bumpy or questionable parts. I actually loved the visuals, especially as it alternates between black/white and colour. Those sections where they played montages of various activities in colour were some of the highlights for me. There is definitely emotional appeal here, I found myself tearing up every now and then… once again mostly during these short segments where they showed life in colour.

The more action-y sequences were good too, they really helped add suspense to the film and ensured it wasn’t boring at any time (unlike the book. :/ sorry).

On the cast, I thought everyone played their parts well, highlights being Meryl Streep (though that’s a given), and I actually really liked Odeya Rush’s character and portrayal.

For me though, the ending was a little abrupt, though I realise that was how it is meant to end. Also, after watching, it seemed like nothing much went on in the film? I guess maybe because there aren’t any moments that really stand out, or that the entire movie was rather good as a whole, but somewhat on the bland side.

Yup, that’s about it, don’t really want to spoil it, but definitely worth watching in theatres; I realise the box office sales for this movie aren’t spectacular, but you guys should check it out!

Overall rating: 7/10 (my middle finger to RT)

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