America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 Episode 1 – Recap/Random Opinions.

Hey guys!

I recently watched the first epi of the new ANTM, and I have to say I’m happy for the series in that it garnered good ratings (I think.) But on the actual quality of the episode itself, I’m actually a little disappointed :/.

But anyways, let’s do a recap.

So basically it starts off with a rather unnecessary dream sequence which honestly……….came across a little desperate. :/. Sorry. I’m sorry! :/

But anyways, the guys and girls are brought into a room where they meet Cory, who separates them with some skimpy white cloth, which Kari wishes to just rip apart.

Eventually, they are given a challenge where they have to choose a hashtag and partake in a catwalk/selfie challenge. To stir up the models hormones, Cory employs a two-way mirror where the guys and girls see each other for the first time. Basically, the girls reward the guys with catcalls as they model, and when its the girls turn, Kari is the clear favourite, with Ben and Denzel clearly developing early crushes on her haha :).

So then there’s the catwalk/selfie challenge.

That’s when Tyra and…. Miss J appear. (yea, I actually knew that way beforehand, so)

The models go through the runway…. Adam gives this really Tarzan kind of vibe which was kinda like “ok…….” lol.

Next… on to judging, where the ever vicious Kelly is ready to crush some dreams.

The first person is Adam, who apparently views his ideal day as one with frequent sex and just daily necessities or something. I I kind of have to agree with Kelly, if I had a daughter I would not let her near someone like him haha. Tyra praises him for his profile though.

Next, we see Chantelle, who has vitiligo, though, as Tyra states,  her vitiligo is almost kind of symmetrical, which actually gives her a really unique look. and went through much bullying through her childhood, likely from ignorant/stupid children in school. Tyra says she will not give her an advantage due to her condition, which she obviously must say/do. Her shot wasn’t too strong according to the judges, as compared to the ones Tyra saw of her on social media. I’ve seen some of her shots… they’re really strong! I’ll be supporting her :).

Next, there’s Ben, who says he’s a “quadruple threat”, in that he can sing/dance/act/model haha. He seems rather fun-loving, his white-boy dancing skills actually make him seem pretty cool. But then…. he goes on and admits he “checked Tyra out”, which sends Kelly into a ragestorm. Ben ends off saying how he’s worried Kelly is going to hold this against him haha. Oh Kelly.

We then cut to backstage, where Romeo seems to be promoting witchcraft to the other models. (Kari: HElllll NO) He then expresses his clear dislike of Danny. I have to agree with Ivy: The drama has started already?! LOL I thought that was much later.

Next, there’s my favourite: Lenox. 🙂 She’s so pretty :). She calls herself a “weird and awkward” person, because of her big forehead lol. Two weeks prior to filming this episode, Lenox’s father passed away, who she had not seen since she was four, and she feels guilt that he died thinking she didn’t care about him. :(. On to the photo, Tyra thinks that the photo is rather mediocre weird, but Miss J says he/she likes that weirdness, though Kelly seems to agree with Tyra that it’s not really working. I’ve seen some of her later photos… and WOW, I think she has a really strong chance of winning this whole competition! Add in her quirky/cute character and I’m definitely supporting this girl all the way through. 🙂

Next up, there’s Josh, who unfortunately I think is really just there as a filler. I’m sorry :/. He has quite a sad story, he had a rare liver disease since young, and he’s worked very hard for this, and is completely ready to succeed in this competition. Um…. sorry not much more to say.

Next, the semi-finalist from last year, Danny. He seems really cocky :/. On his photo, Tyra says it’s really awkward, but he looks good. She then says later that his energy is “not all the way there”. Yea, don’t really like him. Seems arrogant.

Then, we go backstage, where I hear some Nicki Minaj like talking… is that Uniqua? Honestly I’m not sure since I have no idea who some of these models are. It then evolves into some argument between Romeo and Danny, with Romeo asking Danny to “eat some humble pie” since apparently Danny is coming off as really arrogant and off-putting, which I actually have to agree with haha. Though that thing about taking him down with witchcraft…. dude.

We then move to Romeo, who reveals he was raised in a Mexican catholic family, who lost it when he revealed he is bisexual. Honestly his excessive tattoos and all that witchcraft thing kind of creeps me out a little. His pose is really fierce according to Tyra, and Romeo goes on to say that when he wins, we can call him America’s Next Top Witch. Yea well, don’t…. really like him already unfortunately. :/ Sorry. But I think I can safely say its not just me.

We then move to Kari, someone I will also keep an eye on. Tyra talks about how the guys were flocking to her, and then goes on to say she likes everything about her photo. Good start! lol. She seems really chirpy/bubbly and doesn’t really come across fake-ish I guess, so if anything her character was a standout for me :).

Next, there’s Keith, who is the one everyone says looks like Tyson Beckford. Apparently the two have the same birthday :o. Tyra likes his artistic ability in the way he edited his photo, but that was pretty much all she said. I’m… not sure how long he’ll stay in this show, I’ve seen some of his photos and honestly none of them really impressed me that much, but anyways.

Next, Shei! She’s so cute! Though she’s probably a head taller than me. As a child, she moved around a lot, and apparently her mum raised 3 kids on her own. In Shei’s own words, “she’s like a superwoman.” :). On her photo, Tyra points out how her cheekbones make the photo work. After seeing some of her photos, she’s definitely one to watch, honestly some of her photos were stunning. (Crows, anyone?)

Then, we move backstage, where some girl called Jamie Rae just reached after missing her flight. And… oh my god she is LITERALLY a barbie doll :0.

We then move to Denzel, who Tyra thinks doesn’t exactly come across as a model. Yea…. have to kind of agree with her there a little.

Next, there’s Will, and there might be some rivalry here between Denzel and Will, since Denzel is apparently “old-fashioned” and can’t really accept that Will is going in with heels on. Will is gay (the Cory of this season? o0), and works as a dance instructor. Unfortunately there’s nothing much else really. Really wanted to see more since I’ve actually liked Will based on his shots alone :). He seems like a really nice guy, really kind of down-to-earth and unpretentious, and I’ll be keeping an eye on him :).

Then, there’s some short montage of models dancing which culminates with…. Raelia.

Ok I have to say, of the models I got to know more in this episode, Raelia captured my attention the most LOL. Maybe it’s that Nicki Minaj way of speaking, or that twerking introduction, but she seems like a really bold, kind of fancy and slightly “pish-posh” in her own kind of way kind of girl. Then, she seemed kind of surprised when Tyra said she had a booty that shook. Apparently she’s a virgin, and then… TBH I had to go on Youtube and repeat the next segment of her talking several times since she talks SO DAMN FAST LOL. What I picked out was that apparently most of her friends got pregnant from young and had a lot of sex (ok… lol) so apparently she’s  a virgin. (and “I’m fierce, I’m fabulous, I’m Me, and I have so much to offer I’m special so… you can look but that’s all, don’t touch” Ok is it just me or does that sound like a Nicki Minaj rap)

Next… Jamie Rae. ….Ugh….:/ sorry. She literally looks like a life-sized barbie, and honestly she seems kind of pretentious. So basically Tyra sends her away to wash away her make-up since there’s so much artificial stuff covering her exterior. She eventually does… and she gets really emotional. Tyra says really accurately that the Jamie Rae who first walked in… was not a model. But with all that fake stuff off, I guess yea, she did look like a model. Don’t…. see her going that far though.

Then, there’s Brandon, who didn’t really leave much of an impression on me at all. The only thing I learn is that he doesn’t like brown-skinned women or something.

Then, there’s Matthew. He seems like quite a sweet guy I guess. Haha. Apparently his photo was kind of boring but his face was good. (yup.) Didn’t really learn anything about him…. in fact the whole exchange felt like 10 seconds or something but he seems like a pretty cool guy :). Oh yea, his later photos looked really good! The best of the guys for me.

Next, Mirjana, who’s this tough, European raised model. Her tough exterior seems a little forced tbh, but I can tell she’s a good model. Apparently she’s only 18 :O. Ok, I guess she does seem naturally kind of like a “tough” and “strong” kind of woman, (Miss J: She’s ready to fight) and I think that might help her go far.

Then, we go to the elimination sequence in the form of something called “Lucky Strike”, a bowling game. Basically, once a model bowls, they will know whether they stay or go.

So the results….

Safe – Kari, Keith, Zaquan, Lindsay (ok seriously I have no idea who these 2 are), Matthew, Ben, Shei, Will, Denzel, Chantelle, Mirjana, Mark, Raelia, Jamie Rae, Adam, Lenox, Romeo, Danny. (WHERE THE HELL IS IVY)

Eliminated – Uniqua, Kate, Brandon, Amanda …. yea have pretty much no idea who they are anyway :/.

OK….. that’s it! Sorry if it seems draggy or anything, but I’ll be posting more stuff like this as the episodes air and I hope you like it! 🙂 Please comment/share/follow and tell me how to improve 🙂


Ok so, we get to see photographer Yu Tsai next time, and there’s something like a subway themed photoshoot? Then there’s this verbal battle between Danny and Mirjana apparently. Their photo shoot looks like one huge orgy (LOL, sorry) or some mass of skin, but it’s kind of cool I guess.



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