“A once-in-a-lifetime experience” – Boyhood Review

Hey guys!

So, I’ve been hearing all this critical praise about the film Boyhood, and when I googled it, and after some clicking around, I realised that it was actually showing at a nearby theatre! So I instantly went down and bought myself a ticket, because I was just so intrigued by the entire concept behind it, being a movie filmed over 12 years, and that 99% on Rotten Tomatoes and 100% on Metacritic made me tear down the road like a mad horse to the cinema because the seats were filling up fast.

And I’ll say it, this is one of the very, very few things I would call a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

First, I want to say that this is the only film I’ve ever seen (and maybe ever will see), that can be both mundane yet captivating and beautiful all at the same time. It doesn’t have the drama, suspense/action of most blockbusters of Oscar Best Picture frontrunners, but there’s this beauty to is that is pretty unparalleled… and I think that’s because this film brings out life and its imperfections in such a way that is completely relatable to the audience, and not in a detached, I-am-actually-a-Hollywood-Star kind of way.

The acting was spectacular; Ellar was great a true anchor to film, completely captivating me throughout his childhood (or boyhood, as the title reads) despite his moody composure. Ethan Hawke was good as Masons’ father, and it was kind of interesting see the star mature, haha. Patricia was a true standout, she was the emotional centre of the film for me, especially with that scene near the end of the film. But honestly, the character who hooked me the most was Samantha, Masons’ older sister played by Lorelei Linklater, the directors’ daughter. She captured my attention ever since that hilarious and impossibly cute introduction. (“Oops, I did it again.” :D)

Truthfully, words cannot fully describe this film, because it’s an experience that you have to go through yourself to truly appreciate. The technical aspects of the film really seem secondary (eg. cinematography, music, sound etc), though the directing is remarkable, considering the whole 12-year period thing.

Also, this is because this is really less of a narrative, and more of actually living the life of a person, and I really felt like I was going through Mason’s childhood with him in that short span of under 3 hours. Despite the movie being over 2 hours and 40 minutes long, there was not a moment I was bored or disinterested, even as the movie touched on the small things in life; no big, popcorn-munching kind of drama, but the parts of life you would likely never see in Hollywood blockbusters. In fact, when it ended, I felt sad because I actually wished it had lasted longer, and I could know continuing living this life with Mason.

Most films have themes or morals; pretty much every Marvel/ Superhero film has the underlying theme of courage or heroism. Other dramas and tearjerkers definitely have their own morals or underlying themes as well. But Boyhood doesn’t really seem to possess one, or at least an underlying one, instead, to me, it simply seems to channel the flow of real, earthen life in it’s own intricate, muted way.

And to me, that was what made this film so quietly beautiful.

Rating: 10/10

What did you think about this now much talked-about movie? How did you view this film, did you take away any message/moral? Please comment/ follow/ subscribe 🙂


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