Movie Review: Into The Storm

Hi guys!

So I watched Into The Storm recently, and I’d like to give my opinion on it.

Basically, on a whole, I thought it was a rather decent film, and I actually went in with rather low expectations, given the reviews of Rotten Tomatoes (anything below 20%… 30% even usually is a huge warning sign), but I actually rather enjoyed it, despite it flaws.

It’s basically one of those “found-footage” kind of films, and we follow the perspectives of several different characters, mainly Richard Armitage and Matt Walshs’ characters. I’ve… forgotten their names already :/, which I guess is an indication of the rather poor character work, but anyways.

The story follows the development of this freak storm, with tornados just showing up around the town, until the climax where there’s “the biggest tornado ever recorded”, as I heard being mentioned. The build-up is exciting, the tornados/visuals look rather good (I mean, this is one of those B-grade movies, so you can’t expect Gravity standard graphics) and it’s actually really exhilarating every time some characters are trying to survive the tornado, and there’s just chaos everywhere.

There are a few moments in the movie where there’s just the cacophony of noise and then suddenly everything is silent, which I thought was a pretty good “sound-effect” on their part haha. The destruction looks life-like and is pretty frightening at times (that airport/planes scene was a little nerve-tingling), especially as the scale of the destruction gets progressively bigger and bigger.

Unfortunately, there’s not much to say about the characters; the two high school students probably had to most development (I can’t remember their names >.<), and the scene where they are filming their “last words” was probably the emotional highpoint of the film, if it had one.

To sum up, this movie was all about the visuals and the tornados, and all the thrills you would expect from a B-movie disaster flick. I actually found it pretty exciting throughout, exhilarating, even at some points, and even to the point of being mesmerised at the kinda-climax of the film (the final journey of the “tank”). So, all in all, it was pretty good, and it’ll be a good film to watch if you’re just looking for a (rather) short, exciting movie that keeps you hooked throughout.

Final rating: 6.5/10

Have you watched Into the Storm?

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