Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Ok so, Guardians of the Galaxy just came out where I live (the movies here hit theatres on Thursdays instead of Fridays), and I’m here to give a personal, not exactly critical review of this movie.

Firstly, on a whole, I thought it was really good. Definitely one of the better Marvel films I’ve watched (they seem to be getting better), mostly due to it’s stunning visuals (which is a given for Marvel), its fun and exciting action, and apt character work (which seems to be what some other Marvel films might be lacking). I’m not going to spoil anything, though I’m pretty sure all of you can guess that this movie starts out with these unlikely and seemingly incompatible heroes uniting through a common cause, where their friendship slowly begins to deepen, until they finally become known as the “Guardians of the Galaxy” (yes, that phrase is used in the movie.) This character development can be seen from the very first scene of the movie; which was actually rather emotionally engaging. (So don’t expect a snarky, Tony-esque kind of start). I get more of these really nice and precious moments throughout the film; little bits of keen emotional appeal that balances all the constant fighting and action throughout the film.

The main sequence of the film, which was a long aerial battle, might not have appeared completely original, but it was engaging nonetheless, with, as stated, stunning visuals to look at, with some moments that will likely give you chills (I really want to mention which parts, but I won’t :/) The cast is well chosen, Drax was ok… Chris Pratt is his usual, fun, boyish self, Zoe Saldana is great as the assassin Gamora, though the two standouts might have been Rocket and Groot, who seem to be the most closely knit of the group (due to their history), and there are several scenes with Groot that stray from the usual beat-em-up Marvel style kind of thing, where you get to see a soft and sentimental side of him.

Two of my favourite people in the business; Karen Gillian and Glenn Close, had pretty interesting roles as well, if minor. Karen’s character is as savage as she is awesome, and some of my favourite scenes are those with her in it.

Some low points though… the dialogue was a little cheesy and forced at times, at one point it felt WAY too cheesy and cliched though I’m pretty sure it was intentional. It went a little down the Transformers path, with just constant action, explosions and Michael Bay-isms, but at least we get to see some pretty solid character and plot development. The very last fight/sequence might have been a little meh, as it reminded me of Thor’s final and unsatisfying last sequence, but I thought it was a pretty fitting end at least. In a way, I also thought the main antagonist, Ronin, suffered a little maybe from a lack of background info/development, but mostly Lee Paces’ portrayal was still pretty good.

Some notes on the development of the entire Marvel series:

We get to see quite a lot more of Thanos and The Collector, and there is a kind of unexpected, if minor death… you’ll probably know what I mean. There’s a weird end-credits scene, you can stay around for that, but you might hear unsatisfied grunts around you after it ends, since it kind of shows nothing, really.

Rating: 8.4/10

Thanks for reading! 😀 Please comment on your thoughts 🙂



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